JanasevanakendramLong drawn out queues, weary citizens forced to shuttle from one department to another for information and services, complex and time consuming processes totally queer to the uninitiated, inordinate delays in services for the ordinary man, special offerings and fast clearances for the privileged. This was by and large the level of public services in most government departments. Add to the poor book keeping, sizeable arrears in updating registers, poor accountability and transparency within the system, we have the service delivery mechanism in most local self governments. Improving service delivery is therefore one of the, most critical areas of intervention in LSGIs and establishing ‘Janasevanakendrams’ is the first step towards this.

The ‘Janasevanakendram’ is a modern computerised front office designed for local self government institutions by the Information Kerala Mission (IKM) for improved service delivery. It is now common knowledge that excellent customer service works only with competent, empowered and willing employees, working in the right motivational environment, and supported by sound business processes and enabling technology. The objective is to replace the unimpressive and stale enquiry counters along with the traditional ‘silo mentality’ ingrained in public services, with an inspiring and integrated single window customer friendly computerised service counter, positioned in a promising pleasant ambience.IKM Janasevanakendrams now run in all the five Municipal Corporations, sixty municipalities in the state . A unique brand identity encompassing the interior design, furnishing and equipment layout has emerged.

The Concept and Objectives

The intention of Janasevanakendrams is to replace the present swarming and non user friendly counters in most Municipalities with a clean, tidy and people friendly counter with appropriate queue management options. In some of the Corporations the Janasevanakendrams have been positioned in fully air-conditioned lobbies. This is optional. However, a well ventilated space in an excellent setting, neatly maintained toilets and a drinking water facility for the public are inevitable requirements. Uninterrupted power supply for equipments is part of the Information Kerala Mission package; generator back up for the equipments and air conditioners is desirable but not mandatory. Emergency lights and fire security equipment in the counter are also compulsory.

The objective of the ‘Janasevanakendrams’ shall be the following:

  1. To provide computerised counters for automatic demand generation from the respective departments or sections in the Municipality (except for property tax and profession tax which would be directly received at the counter) and a facility for fast counter collection.
  2. To provide counter collection from the public based on receipts issued to them earlier (for payment of the previous instalment of property tax) till such time back end linkages are established.
  3. To provide counter collection of profession tax based on statements prepared by the drawing and disbursing officers in the respective offices.
  4. To facilitate online update of outdoor collections made by field staff on a daily basis so that identification of defaulters of revenue payment can be streamlined.
  5. To provide a facility for online registration of births, deaths and marriages and for issue of certificates of registrations (for current registrations only) under section 12 of the Kerala Registrations of birth and death rules.
  6. To provide a facility for search and issue of extracts for previously registered births, deaths and marriages as and when the past data entry of records is completed and integrated with the Janasevanakendram counter.
  7. To provide generation of daily cash and cheque receipts counter wise and to prepare books of accounts in the local body based on this.
  8. To facilitate update of collection in demand registers without delay so that revenue collection could be smooth.
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